PhD Professor Maria Elice de Brzezinski Prestes

Maria Elice is an Associate Professor at the Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology at the Institute of Biological Sciences of the University of São Paulo (IB-USP). Graduated in biology and specializing in the history of science, she is particularly interested in the methodological epistemology of eighteenth-century natural philosophers and their sources. She has been a visiting researcher in Paris, Montreal, Bloomington, and Chicago. She published A investigação da natureza no Brasil Colônia in 2000 and co-edited Science Teaching with Context: Historical, Philosophical and Sociological Approaches (Springer, 2018). She is co-editor of the open-access online journal Filosofia e História da Biologia, created in 2006. She teaches and oversees research in the history of biology and its approach, as taught by inquiry, in elementary school science and biology classes.
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